Completed Historic Property Research

Preservation Mendon is researching historic properties in town.  Much of this research is based on public records, we also have researchers documenting cultural and historical events associated with specific properties.  Here is a list of properties that still have to be researched.  If you are interested in helping us with our work, please get in touch with us.

Searches are done to the best of our ability and we welcome any corrections or additions.

Links to our research:

Asylum Street

Bates Street

Bellingham Street

Blackstone Street

Cape Road

Elm Street

Emerson Street

George Street

Hartford Avenue West

Hartford Avenue East

Hastings Street

Kinsley Lane

Main Street

Maple Street

Milford Street

Millville Street

North Avenue

Northbridge Street

Park Street

Powers Road

Providence Street

Quissette Road

Taft Avenue

Thayer Road

Thorton Street

Uxbridge Road

Washington Street

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