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(Editor’s Note:  This article originally appeared on the website Sheltered From the Wicked World.  We are grateful to them) In the early days of Aerosmith, Dave Meade was their manager. The first ad ever placed for an Aerosmith concert was the … Continue reading

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Mendon’s Golden Age

By Richard Grady The period from 1820 through 1845 was a special time in Mendon’s history. It was an era of economic prosperity, high social and professional status, and architectural grandeur. A triangular parcel that included Maple Street, Main Street, … Continue reading

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A Brief History of The Silas Dudley Homestead

By Richard Grady The Dudleys and the Tafts are two of the most respected families in the history of the town of Mendon. Both families earned their living through agriculture. Both families served the town in many capacities in public … Continue reading

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Mendon Electric Trolly Tour

By John Trainer   Traveling through Mendon’s past is a captivating experience, especially doing so while riding in an Electric Trolley. On May 30th 2007 the Third Graders at Henry Clough School were thrilled to see a replica of the Milford-Uxbridge … Continue reading

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