93 North Avenue

93 North Avenue – c. 1850

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Charlotte A. Davenport John L. Davenport 10/11/1878 001039/372
John L. Davenport Austin D. Davenport 02/27/1883 001139/246
Austin D. Davenport Myra A. Davenport 02/27/1883 001139/247 Myra Davenport, wife of John L. Davenport
Ernest M. Davenport George G. Davenport 10/16/1918 002163/038 Ernest M. Davenport, son of Myra A. Davenport
George G. Davenport Alfred Cadman 06/02/1925 002372/169
Elizabeth Cadman George C. Cadman 07/16/1937 002699/482 Elizabeth Cadman, widow of Alfred Cadman
George C. Cadman Edmond L. Leighton

Dorothy E. Leighton
05/20/1976 005942/382
Edmond L. Leighton

Dorothy E. Leighton
Susan L. Swanson

Gloria J. Profetto
12/19/1983 008027/381
Susan L. Swanson

Gloria J. Profetto
Gloria J. Profetto 10/03/2000 023116/167
Gloria J. Profetto Kevin M. Flanagan

Deborah J. Flanagan
06/27/2014 052494/179 House destroyed by fire on 12/14/2017

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