89 Northbridge Street

89 Northbridge Street -Miscoe Springs – c. 1895

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Edward H. Taft Perley P. Field 06/14/1894 001458/224
Perley P. Field Nathan R. George 07/01/1895 001482/090
Melissa U. George

Nancy C. George

Nathan R. George

Rosa F. Taft
Herbert J. George 12/05/1916 002122/064 Melissa U., widow of Nathan R. George. Nancy, Nathan and Rosa, children and heirs of Nathan R. George
Herbert J. George Miscoe Spring Water Company 11/12/1924 002376/515
Miscoe Spring Water Company Vincent Palumbo

Muriel Palumbo
01/17/1966 004636/380
Vincent Palumbo

Muriel Palumbo
Miscoe Springs Beverage Company Inc. 02/11/1971 005093/586
Miscoe Springs Beverage Company Inc. Theodore Cohen, Trustee of H2O Trust 07/01/1971 005172/547
Theodore Cohen, Trustee of H2O Trust Garelick Farms, LLC 12/31/1986 010115/253
Garelick Farms, LLC George Gallagher, Trustee of Miscoe Northbridge Realty Trust 09/24/2013 051556/240

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