78 Lake Nipmuc

78 Lake Nipmuc

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Samuel Willard George R. Russell 03/24/1817 000220/367 Identified as Russell’s Island on the 1831 map of Mendon
Charles Ford Charles E. Guild

Rolon E. Foster
07/17/1880 001078/140 Charles Ford, nephew of George R. Russell
Rolon E. Foster Charles E. Guild 11/02/1881 001107/126  
Charles E. Guild Frank O. Guild 08/31/1903 001758/251  
Etta M. Guild Frederic M. Guild 09/13/1921 002262/516 Etta M. Guild, widow of Frank O. Guild
Frederic M. Guild William H. Casey 11/19/1924 002354/159  
William H. Casey Alcide H. Noel 06/05/1941 002817/474 Island now called Christmas Island
Alcide H. Noel Richard N. Noel 07/30/1946 003011/311  
Alcide H. Noel, Guardian of Richard N. Noel Maurice Drainville

Bernadette Drainville
07/29/1960 004128/594  
Alcide H. Noel

Louise Noel
Maurice Drainville

Bernadette Drainville
07/29/1960 004128/595  
Maurice Drainville

Bernadette Drainville
Lucien J. Gravel 07/06/1964 004478/486  
Lucien J. Gravel Gerald R. Kozak 05/09/1966 004667/043  
Gerald R. Kozak Walter Kozak 08/09/1976 006011/340  
Walter Kozak Town of Mendon 10/15/1984 008459/395 Tax Lien
Walter Kozak Town of Mendon 08/17/1987 010764/400 Foreclosure of Tax Lien
Walter Kozak Town of Mendon 03/30/1990 012794/388 Final judgement on Tax Lien case

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