76 Providence Street

76 Providence Street – c. 1814

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Ozias Thurber Samuel Gaskill 12/23/1814 000197/536 Parcel 2
L. Leslie Fletcher

Ada A. Williams
Charles A. Fletcher 03/22/1909 001902/010 Parcel 3
Grantors and grantees title derived by descent from Almira F. Fletcher, daughter of Naum Gaskill, granddaughter of Samuel Gaskill
Arthur F. Paddock Eliza D. Goldthwaite 10/02/1928 002482/375 Parcel 2
Arthur F. Paddock, grandson of Charles A. Fletcher; Eliza D. Goldthwaite, daughter of Charles Austin Fletcher
Eliza D. Goldthwaite Esther L. MonoSchely 09/07/1955 003711/032 Parcel 2
Esther L. MonoSchely, daughter of Eliza D. Goldthwaite
John MonoSchely Milton C. Taft

Robert A. Taft
03/23/1957 003850/148 Parcel 2
John MonoSchely, husband of Esther L. MonoSchely
Milton C. Taft

Robert A. Taft
Margaret G. Morrison 04/29/1961 004190/092 Milton C. Taft and Robert A. Taft, children of Esther L. MonoSchely
Margaret G. Morrison Henry D’Alessandro

Gladys A. D’Alessandro
10/03/1986 009859/318 Margaret Morrison, wife of Arthur F. Paddock
Gladys A. D’Alessandro Wesley Cullen Goodman 07/13/2016 055646/278 Gladys A. D’Alessandro, daughter of Arthur F. Paddock and Margaret Morrison

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