7 Milford Street

7 Milford Street – c. 1921

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Sarah J. Dudley

Abbie F. Darling

Joseph H. Dudley
George M. Taft 12/04/1899 001641/052
Carl M. Taft

G. Kenneth Taft

Beatrice Taft
Manuel T. Rogers 10/22/1921 002256/42 Children and heirs of George M. Taft

Land Only
Manuel T. Rogers Milford Co-Operative Bank 09/28/1935 002652/595 Land and buildings
Milford Co-Operative Bank Manuel T. Rogers 11/16/1937 002711/185
Manuel T. Rogers Joseph J. Trainor 09/15/1945 002969/204
Joseph J. Trainor Dorothy M. Bowen 04/15/1949 003180/250
Dorothy M. Bowen Joseph J. Trainor

Hazel M. Trainor
04/15/1949 003180/294
Hazel M. Trainor Constance A. Driscoll 03/27/2001 023740/297
Constance A. Driscoll Constance A. Driscoll

Sean Driscoll
05/11/2009 044233/070
Constance A. Driscoll

Sean Driscoll
Patricia Meehan 10/16/2009 044989/367
Patricia Meehan Keri Anne Laramie 10/15/2013 051628/322

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