63 Uxbridge Road

63 Uxbridge Road – c. 1906

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Milford and Uxbridge Street Railway Company John T. Manson 04/07/1902 001712/352
Daniel H. Barnes John T. Manson 11/03/1906 001843/558
John T. Manson Frederick Bethel 08/12/1913 002035/299
Frederick Bethel James Lally 04/24/1917 002133/080
James Lally Rose Sheldon Schupbach, aka Rose S. Baggett 09/02/1932 002570/542
James W. Baggett Alva A. Brown Jr.

Jacqueline T. Brown
05/05/1964 004464/106
Alva A. Brown Jr.

Jacqueline T. Brown
Charles W. Noble Jr.

Ethel Noble
05/31/1968 004855/196

Supporting documents:

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