61 Milford Street

61 Milford Street – c. 1900

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Royal C. Taft Michael T. Harrington 07/21/1910 001941/102 Title derived from will of parents Jesse A. Taft and Ida F. Taft. No mention of buildings.
Michael T. Harrington Leopoldo Bracci

Giuditta Bracci
01/14/1913 002015/583 No mention of buildings
Millard M. Bracci

Louis Bracci
Ruth P. Granholm 04/28/1951 003331/473 Millard and Louis Bracci, sons and heirs of Guiditta Bracci
Ruth P. Granholm Millard M. Bracci

Louise P. Bracci
04/28/1951 003331/517
Millard M. Bracci

Louise P. Bracci
Manuel G. Taxiera Jr. 04/23/1953 003496/482
Manuel G. Taxiera Jr. Manuel G. Taxiera Jr.

Elaine A. Rua
08/28/2001 024746/173

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