60 North Avenue

60 North Avenue – c. 1850

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Benjamin Tallman Peter Thompson 04/16/1810 000177/565 2nd parcel
Peter Thompson Benjamin Tallman 04/16/1810 000177/214 Mortgage Deed
Benjamin Tallman Peter Thompson 12/16/1813 000191/060
Peter Thompson Henry Sweeting 12/30/1813 000191/063
Henry Sweeting Benjamin Davenport 10/24/1814 000195/372 1st page of this deed is missing
Benjamin Davenport Zalman Green 11/05/1829 000271/325 1st parcel
Zalman Green Joseph Miller 2nd 02/06/1837 000321/369
Dorothy H. Miller Andrew H. Reed 04/01/1853 000582/114 Dorothy, widow of Joseph Miller

Andrew Reed, guardian of John B. Miller, Alice A. Miller and Emily V. Thayer
Andrew H. Reed Seth T. Davenport 04/02/1853 000756/502 Two undivided thirds owned by John B. Miller and Alice A. Miller
Emily V. Thayer Seth T. Davenport 04/01/1857 000756/503
Seth T. Davenport Royal Cummings 04/02/1857 000598/528
Royal Cummings Jesse Despeaux 10/09/1858 000602/311
Jesse Despeaux Calvin Butler 11/01/1867 000757/308
Calvin Butler Daniel G. Cook 08/29/1873 000909/248
Daniel G. Cook Eunice Briggs 03/30/1876 000980/068
Eunice Briggs Horace S. Aldrich 06/23/1885 001197/435
Horace S. Aldrich Edward L. Smith 11/18/1903 001767/254
Edward L. Smith Edward F. Blood 11/16/1907 001867/391
Edward F. Blood Gladys B. Holmes 07/14/1934 002615/399
Gladys B. Holmes Gladys B. Holmes

Shirley E. Holmes
05/09/1961 004196/133
Robert L. Holmes

Arthur E. Holmes

Nancy A. Holmes
Anthony C. Rocks

Joyce M. Rocks
06/12/1972 005246/134 Heirs of Gladys B. Holmes
Joyce M. Rocks Michael J. Travers

Diana J. Travers
08/20/1980 007044/155
Michael J. Travers

Diana J. Travers
Michael J. Travers

Diana J. Travers
04/22/1996 017851/013
Michael J. Travers

Diana J. Travers
Michael J. Travers 08/05/1997 019070/231
Michael J. Travers Theodore L. Hilliard 02/02/2000 022508/071
Theodore L. Hilliard Ronald McQuinn, Trustee of 60 North Avenue Realty Trust 05/12/2016 055347/210 House demolished in 2017
Rte. 85 Realty Corp., Trustee of 60 North Avenue Realty Trust Rte. 85 Realty Corp. 01/08/2017 058295/194

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