6 Hastings Street

6 Hastings Street Рc. 1849

 From To Date Book/Page Notes
William S. Hastings

Charles C. P. Hastings

Mary M. Hayward
Calvin Barber Jr. 10/24/1836 000329/270
Calvin Barber Jr. Charles C. P. Hastings

Mary M. Hayward
05/10/1848 000433/594
Charles C. P. Hastings Anna W. Hastings 06/05/1849 Assigned out of estate of Charles C. P. Hastings as dower to his wife Anna W. Hastings
Mary M. K. Darling

Newton P. Darling

Anna W. Peirce

Warren Pierce
Anna A. Hastings 11/01/1884 001185/059 Mary M. K. Darling and Anna W. Pierce, children of heirs of Charles C. P. Hastings and Anna W. Hastings
Anna A. Hasting Rufus B. Briggs 02/08/1887 001230/617
Rufus B. Briggs Ella M. Brown 04/18/1902 001715/027 Ella M. Brown, daughter of Rufus B. Briggs; one undivided third
Rufus B. Briggs Julia A. Briggs 04/18/1902 001715/028 Julia A. Briggs, daughter of Rufus B. Briggs; two undivided thirds
Ralph L. Briggs, Administrator of the Estate of Ella M. Brown Reuben B. Dalrymple 12/18/1933 002599/479
Reuben B. Dalrymple Walter O. Rapps

Ruth V. Rapps
04/21/1948 003115/105
Ruth V. Rapps Howard F. Miller

Helen A. Miller
05/28/1965 004568/262
Helen A. Miller Paul D. Crosby 01/30/2004 032753/142

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