56 Uxbridge Road

56 Uxbridge Road – c.1900

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Amarah A. Taft Lewis Wood 04/01/1831 000232/357
John C. Wood Austin Wood 12/05/1889 001286/445 Mortgage Deed – Can’t tell which portion of the land this mortgage is for
John C. Wood Amariah A. Taft 02/05/1891 001341/485 Mortgage Deed
Amariah A. Taft John C. Wood 04/27/1892 001380/230 Release Mortgage
John C. Wood Amariah A. Taft 06/24/1892 001385/277
Jesse A. Taft John T. Manson 11/05/1900 001669/249 Jesse A. Taft, sole heir of Amariah A. Taft. This deed is for a part of the land described in 001385/277
John T. Manson Oremandel Quimby 05/18/1908 001880/064 “The premises are hereby subject to the strict condition that the same shall never be used by the grantee,
his heirs or assigns for the purpose of selling intoxicating liquors theron, and by any violation of this condition
shall revert to the grantor and his heirs.”
Oremandel Quimby Charles A. Cronin 06/27/1912 001997/345
Charles A. Cronin Lillian Warfield 04/22/1920 002210/443
Lillian Warfield Esther Sherman

Victoria Pytks
12/16/1936 002683/236
Victoria Pytks Stanley Bziukiewicz 02/01/1938 0002714/531
Esther Sherman Stanley Bziukiewicz 03/16/1938 002716/467
Nellie Bziukiewicz Clyde R. Miller 12/07/1946 003041/598 Nellie Bziukiewicz title through will of Stanley Bziukiewicz, probate #98170
Clyde R. Miller George N. Spillman 01/23/1947 003041/599
George N. Spillman

Ruth Spillman
Thomas Stevens

Marion G. Stevens
08/06/1954 003614/567
Thomas Stevens

Marion G. Stevens
Thomas M. Hackenson 04/14/1988 011255/152

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