52 Asylum Street

52 Asylum Street – c. 1850

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Catherine Tucker

William Tucker
Andre Southwick 11/07/1872 000882/623
Andre Southwick Catherine Tucker 11/07/1872 000887/165
William Dailey Benjamin Franklin 05/02/1885 001193/383 William Dailey, sole heir of Catherine Tucker
Benjamin Franklin William Dailey 05/02/1885 001196/117
William Dailey Benjamin Franklin 05/15/1886 001215/517
Benjamin Franklin Francis A. Turner 05/15/1886 001215/517
Francis A. Turner Sophronia E. Greene 12/17/1898 001681/342
Sophronia E. Greene John R. Andrews 08/01/1903 001756/478
John R. Andrews Lucy A. Mathewson 02/20/1905 001800/345
Lucy A. Mathewson Lucien Collin 03/01/1915 002073/303
Lucien Collin Joseph Blanchard

Rose Alma Blanchard
04/20/1920 002212/230
Joseph Blanchard

Rose Alma Blanchard
Lucien Collin 04/20/1920 002212/230
Joseph Blanchard

Rose Alma Blanchard
Frank L. Alves 08/29/1922 002278/222 Sold at auction after default on loan by Lucien Collins
Frank L. Alves Lucien Collin 10/16/1922 02283/359
Lucien Collin Martin Kuczek 09/24/1924 002537/361
Martin Kuczek Lucien Collin 09/24/1924 002537/361
Glenville C. Coffin Patrick F. Quirk 11/08/1926 002422/191 Sold at auction for unpaid taxes
Patrick F. Quirk Lester E. Hodgkins 03/18/1929 002498/017
Lester E. Hodgkins Mary Webber 06/23/1930 002522/421
Mary Webber Adelard J. Nolet 06/28/1944 002922/109
Adelard J. Nolet Adelard J. Nolet

Jean A. Nolet
03/02/1991 013298/003
Cynthia M. Nolet

Shane M. Nolet

Adam J. Nolet

Brandon P. Nolet

Dillon R. Nolet

John M. Loftus

John M. Loftus, Jr.

Kim M. Bond

Brian K. Houle

Marc J. Houle

Tyson J. Loftus

Linda D. Nolet

Jean M. Wilber

Joan M. Gallant

Robert L.Nolet

Debra V. Nolet

Lisa A. Nolet
Robert L. Nolet 04/05/2002 026325/023
Robert L. Nolet Robert L. Nolet

Cherylann Nolet
04/03/2007 040942/318
Dillon R. Nolet

Brandon P. Nolet
Wolf Hall, LLC 05/20/2011 047406/049
Cherylann Nolet Wolf Hall, LLC 05/02/2011 047406/044

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