5 Maple Street

5 Maple Street – c. 1840

Listed as 3 Maple Street on the Mendon Assessor’s Map

From To Date Book/Page Notes
William S. Hastings

Charles C. P. Hastings

Mary M. Hayward
Calvin Barber Jr. 10/24/1836 000329/270
Calvin Barber Jr. Horatio Stone 04/03/1840 000347/444
Marcia M. Stone Adelaide M. Stone 02/03/1852 000484/641 Marcia (Mercia) Stone, widow of Horatio Stone
Adelaide M. Stone Abel Weatherhead 03/03/1853 000502/576
Abel Weatherhead Adelaide M. Stone 03/03/1853 000507/055 Mortgage deed
Abel Weatherhead Paul Weatherhead 04/28/1853 000511/499 Free from all encumbrances except mortgage to Adelaide Stone
Adelaide M. Stone Susan Cook 01/06/1857 000574/149 Mortgage deed
Abel Weatherhead Susan Cook 03/10/1858 000592/340 Breach of conditions of mortgage
Susan Cook Nathan Harris 03/09/1861 000637/443
Alpha Harris

Eliab T. Harris

Nathan W. Harris

Allura Harris

Elias S. Ballou, Jr.

William Henry Jillson

Alpha W. H. Jillson
Annette Weatherhead 02/12/1864 000686/609
Abel Weatherhead

Annette Weatherhead
Stephen Cook 01/27/1866 000716/630
Stephen Cook Abel Weatherhead

Annette Weatherhead
01/05/1867 000716/630
Frank Eaton Weatherhead Samuel A. Brown 03/31/1901 001825/531 Premises owned by Annette Weatherhead at the time of her decease; undivided one-fourth part
Julius A. George, Administrator of the estate of Annette Weatherhead Belle Brown 06/27/1906 001832/499 Belle Brown, wife of Samuel Brown
Samuel A. Brown Alonzo E. Brown 06/30/1906 001833/179
Alonzo E. Brown Belle Brown 06/30/1906 001833/180
Belle Brown, aka Mary J. Brown Linwood Hammond

Laura L. Hammond
07/15/1938 002725/490
Linwood Hammond

Laura L. Hammond
First Baptist Church in Mendon 06/25/1951 003352/140
First Baptist Church in Mendon Robert Brownly

Ruth E. Brownly
07/14/1955 003697/028
Robert Brownly

Ruth E. Brownly
James E. Chelotti

Janice M. Chelotti
09/11/1969 004976/451
James E. Chelotti

Janice M. Chelotti
David B. Lowell 06/20/1973 005352/570

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