46 North Avenue

46 North Avenue – c. 1725

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William Torrey William Torrey (Captain William Torrey 1754-1817) 12/18/1778 Devised to William Torrey by the will of his grandfather, William Torrey
Samuel D. Torrey

Joseph Torrey

Stephen Torrey

Benjamin D. Torrey

George W. Torrey
Anna Holbrook 05/28/1825 000243/633 Children of William Torrey and Anna Davenport Torrey.

Anna Davenport Torrey married Peter Holbrook in 1822, after the death of William Torrey in 1817.

Part of this deed is missing
Samuel D. Torrey

Louisa Torrey

Stephen Torrey

George W. Torrey
James Grady 03/28/1843 000376/177 Children of William Torrey and Anna Davenport Torrey.

Anna died in 1842
James Grady Stephen Torrey 10/01/1855 000553/238
Delia C. Torrey

Louisa M. Taft

Anna D. Orton

Susan W. Wood

Caroline A. Martin

George W. Torrey Jr.

William Torrey

Anna D. Ingalls
Marcus M. Aldrich 07/01/1875 000965/383 Heirs of Stephen Torrey

8 undivided 11ths
George W. Torrey Marcus M. Aldrich 10/27/1875 000965/385 George W. Torrey, Guardian of Louisa, Charles and Nellie Torrey, heirs of Stephen Torrey.

3 undivided 11ths
Sarah J. Aldrich Frank M. Aldrich 04/02/1915 002076/026 Sarah J. Aldrich, widow of Marcus M. Aldrich.

Both sides of North Avenue; 2 houses
George M. Aldrich

Florence J. Aldrich
Ronald A. Lukert

Margaret J. Lukert
12/12/1962 004338/491 George M. and Florence J. Aldrich, children and heirs of Frank. M. Aldrich

West side of North Avenue
Ronald A. Lukert

Margaret J. Lukert
Daniel T. Gardner

Janet Gardner
02/28/1983 007690/319
Daniel T. Gardner

Janet Gardner
Ralph A. Williams

Dianne Williams
11/08/1986 009972/263
Ralph A. William Dianne (Elaine) Williams 06/26/1998 020137/058

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