41 Taft Avenue

41 Taft Avenue – c. 1930

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Luther E. Taft Marcus M. Aldrich 09/11/1909 001915/221 Parcel 1
Adaline A. Davenport, Administratrix of the estate of Luther E. Taft Frank M. Aldrich 09/04/1917 002142/514 Parcel 2
Frank M. Aldrich, heir of Marcus M. Aldrich Marshall C. Whitehead 11/17/1939 002764/081 Both parcels
Marshall C. Whitehead Walter C. Beaudoin

Ivy M. Beaudoin
07/19/1943 002893/099
Walter C. Beaudoin

Ivy M. Beaudoin
Victor A. Haag

Anna N. Haag
03/12/1946 002990/463
Victor A. Haag

Anna N. Haag
Ernest G. LaCasse

Barbara J. LaCasse
06/30/1965 004577/331 Parcel 2 only
Ernest LaCasse Barbara LaCasse 02/04/1968 004832/130
Barbara LaCasse M. Olindo Bassignani

Mary M. Bassignani
09/14/1968 004886/469
Mary M. Bassignani John Bassignani 10/20/1989 012432/377

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