34 George Street

34 George Street – c. 1830

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Robert Allen William Burke 03/17/1830 000273/522
William Burke Naum Gaskill 04/01/1836 000318/108
Naum Gaskill John S. Gaskill 03/27/1840 000350/513
Alexander V. G. Pond

Julia Pond
Julia Pond, daughter of John S. Gaskill
Arthur V. Pond

Anna H. Pond

Clara W. Pond
Louise F. Griffith 05/20/1940 002775/471 Heirs of Julia Pond
Louise F. Griffith Arthur V. Pond

Anna H. Pond

Clara W. Pond
05/20/1940 002775/472
Anna H. Pond Norman Lester Cox 08/06/1964 004489/124
Greenleaf Financial Services, Inc John D. Gannett

Ute D. Gannett
11/04/2004 035019/064 Mortgage transferred from Cox to Gannett
John D. Gannett

Ute D. Gannett
F&D Central Realty Corporation 01/29/2010 045417/344
F&D Central Realty Corporation Town of Mendon 05/31/2016 055443/223
Town of Mendon Peter G. Coffin 11/30/2016 056385/267

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