34 Blackstone Street

34 Blackstone Street – c. 1858

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Royal Penniman

Elizabeth W. Penniman

Betsey B. Penniman

Catherine Penniman

A.P. Penniman

Joseph R. Johnson

Sophia P. Johnson
Cynthia Seaver  05/01/1837  000324/489
Leonard Seaver

Cynthia Seaver
 Adam Wheelock 03/21/1839 000339/459
Thomas Gardner Adam Wheelock 06/25/1841 000369/153
Adam Wheelock Joseph Robbins 01/05/1843 000373/256
Adam Wheelock

Eliza Wheelock
Joseph Robbins 06/14/1845 000403/476
Joseph Robbins Adam D. Wheelock 05/21/1853 000510/514
Adam D. Wheelock Albert El Dorus Gardner 11/13/1872 000885/594
Albert El Dorus Gardner Henry M. Darling 05/11/1875 000952/446
Henry M. Darling Austin A. Taft 02/22/1876 000972/588
Austin A. Taft Henry M. Darling 11/06/1876 000989/565
Henry M. Darling Daniel Johnson 11/09/1876 000989/565
Daniel Johnson Lloyd H. Cook 11/01/1878 001054/288
Lloyd H. Cook Henry M. Darling 06/17/1879 001054/288
Henry M. Darling John R. Taft 06/16/1879 001054/293
John R. Taft Milford Savings Bank 04/27/1886 001212/620 Foreclosure
Milford Savings Bank Austin Taft 11/21/1896 001598/389 Mortgage assigned to Austin Taft
Austin Taft Frank Mann 01/24/1899 001602/234 Public auction
Frank E. Mann Austin A. Taft 01/21/1899 001605/104
Austin A. Taft Clarence A. Taft 12/09/1905 001820/350
Clarence A. Taft Owen J. MacDonald 12/09/1905 001819/437
Owen J. MacDonald Alice M. Smith 05/07/1934 002609/423
Alice M. Smith Owen J. MacDonald

Cora M. MacDonald
01/18/1939 002894/184
Cora M. MacDonald Florence M. Carpenter 01/18/1939 002894/184
Florence M. Carpenter Vernon A. Barrows

Emma M. Barrows
 10/15/1943 002900/106
Emma M. Barrows Vernon A. Barrows Jr.

Beverley T. B. White

Susan S. Ober
10/21/2003 032916/054
Vernon A. Barrows Jr.

Beverley T. B. White

Susan S. Ober
Christian Cruz

Kerri A. Cruz
08/04/2015 054110/137

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