19 George Street

19 George Street – c. 1904

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Silas Aldrich Newman H. Scott 05/24/1893 001413/249
Newman H. Scott Abbie F. Gaskill 08/09/1904 001788/392 Land with a new cottage house
Abbie F. Gaskill Charles W. Entwhistle 05/20/1920 002215/043
Charles W. Entwhistle Effie A. Nelson 04/11/1925 002365/516
Effie A. Nelson Charles W. Entwhistle

Jane Entwhistle
04/11/1925 002365/516
Jane Entwhistle Harold L. Griffin

Mabel Griffin
08/21/1952 003443/294
Harold L. Griffin Thelma I. Pharnes 11/01/1958 003983/068
John Pharnes Joyce P. Watts 02/28/1985 008603/253 Title obtained through estate of Thelma I. Pharnes
Joyce P. Watts Household Finance Corp. 09/14/2004 034632/278 Mortgage deed
Household Finance Corp. U.S. Bank Trust N.A. 01/06/2015 053297/009 Mortgage deed
U.S. Bank Trust N.A. North Pond, LLP 09/09/2016 056442/146 Foreclosure deed
North Pond, LLP Rte. 85 Realty Corp. 03/27/2017 056894/379
Rte. 85 Realty Corp. Joshua F. Talamini

Jennifer M. Talamini
02/20/2018 058682/139

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