16 Washington Street

16 Washington Street – c. 1750

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Seth Davenport Enos Taft 01/30/1833 000294/591
Nancy Taft John G. Metcalf

Alexander H. Allen

Administrators of the Estate of Charles C. P. Hastings
11/10/1848 000444/227 Nancy Taft, widow of Enos Taft

Mortgage deed
Nancy Taft Paul A. Wheeler 02/22/1849 000444/609 House is on tract 1
John G. Metcalf Charles C. P. Hastings 02/16/1861 000656/374 Mortgage deed
Paul A. Wheeler Charles C. P. Hastings 08/30/1862 000656/375 Foreclosure
Charles C. P. Hastings Paul A. Wheeler 10/30/1873 000912/110
Frederick M. Wheeler

Mary A. Chennel

Herbert D. Wheeler

Eva M. Rawson

Lyman E. Wheeler
John H. Cunningham 04/10/1908 001877/007 Frederic M., Lyman E., Herbert D. Wheeler, Mary A. Chennel and Eva M. Rawson, children and heirs of Paul Wheeler
John H. Cunningham William A. Barry 06/22/1911 001965/274
William A. Barry John L. Hadley

Florence B. Hadley
03/03/1948 003106/374
Florence B. Hadley David B. Lowell 10/31/1968 004902/275
David B. Lowell Barry P. Murphy

Cynthia K. Murphy
07/27/1977 006251/071
Barry P. Murphy

Cynthia K. Murphy
Brendan E. Chenelle

Cailin E. Chenelle
05/24/2017 057237/205

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