16 Cape Road

16 Cape Road – c. 1900

From To Date Book/Page Notes
John E. Swift John O’Brien

Elizabeth O’Brien
03/29/1910 001938/392
John O’Brien

Elizabeth O’Brien
Wellman C. Blake 08/13/1910 001941/285
Wellman C. Blake Maude B. Ripley 12/02/1913 002043/307
Maude B. Ripley Jennie L. Clough 08/22/1917 002138/378
Jennie L. Clough Josephine I. McEwen 05/27/1921 002244/218
Joseph W. McEwen

Josephine I. McEwen
Eleanor C. Manning 04/17/1936 002665/258
Eleanor C. Manning Joseph W. McEwen

Josephine McEwen
04/17/1936 002665/259
Joan Spector, Guardian of Harold McEwen Eric Hollander 07/10/2003 030752/111 Property passed to Harold McEwen through estate of Joseph W. McEwen
Eric Hollander 16 Cape Road, LLC 11/12/2015 054563/315 House was demolished in 2016

Supporting documents:

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