151 Blackstone Street

151 Blackstone Street

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Carlton A. Staples Joseph P. Alvares Maria dos Anjos Antonio S. Pinheiro 12/29/1903 001769/585 Being the premises shown on “Plan of Land owned by Rev..Carlton A. Staples, Mendon, Mass., Feb. 1897, by H. C. Gaskill, C. E.”
Joseph P. AlvaresMaria dos AnjosAntonio S. Pinheiro Jose Victorine da CostaMaria do Espirito Santo Costa 01/07/1907 001847/052
Jose Victorine da CostaMaria do Espirito Santo Costa Daniel J. Cronan 03/10/1915 002073/528
Daniel J. Cronan Desire E. Thiebault 08/30/1915 002090/288
Desire E. Thiebault Marie Rabitaille 04/16/1927 002435/201
Marie Rabitaille Town of Mendon 07/07/1936 002671/072 Taxes were unpaid, land out to auction but no bidders so property was taken by the town
Town of Mendon Marie Rabitaille 02/19/1938 002717/011 Taxes paid
Marie Robitaille Louis Mercure 09/04/1940 002793/294
Louis Mercure Marie Robitaille 09/09/1942 002867/446
Marie Robitaille Theodore BrothersYolande Brothers 03/18/1943 002879/586 a.k.a. Marie Rabitaille
Theodore BrothersYolande Brothers Eunice M. Dargon Gill 11/08/1955 003729/413
Eunice M. Dargon Gill Homer E. TougasJacqueline Tougas 03/17/1958 03/17/1958
Jacqueline Tougas O’Grady Philip D. SearsLind F. Sears 11/18/1988 11757/373
Lind F. Sears North Pond LLP 07/25/2012 49333/382

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