15 Hastings Street

15 Hastings Street Рc. 1845

Listed as 17 Hastings Street on the Mendon Assessor’s Map

 From To Date Book/Page Notes
Aaron C. Cook William T. Metcalf 02/28/1845 000398/127
John G. Metcalf William T. Metcalf 04/17/1846 000411/358
Aaron C. Cook William T. Metcalf 06/18/1870 000816/519 Portion of the homestead of the grantor
Sarah A. Metcalf Sarah J. Aldrich 05/04/1900 001644/587 Sarah A. Metcalf, widow of William T. Metcalf

Reserving a life estate in the granted premises
Maria M. Adams Sarah J. Aldrich 10/12/1903 001764/594 Land only
Sarah J. Aldrich Gustavus B. Williams 07/01/1909 001907/497
Gustavus B. Williams Sarah J. Aldrich 07/01/1909 001907/498
Frank M. Aldrich Ernest B. Nason 02/14/1925 002360/396 Frank M. Aldrich, son of Sarah J. And Marcus Aldrich
Ernest B. Nason

Mary H. Nason
Freeman C. Lowell 05/28/1940 002777/247 House is on Parcel 1
Freeman C. Lowell Harold F. Lowell

Charlotte E. Lowell
01/21/1946 002985/135
David Lowell, Personal Representative of the Estate of Berneta M. DeVries Mendon Historical Society 03/08/2017 057205/276 Berneta Devries, daughter and heir of Harold F. and Charlotte E. Lowell

House is on Parcel 2

Supporting Documents:

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