146 Millville Street

146 Millville Street – c. 1870

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Edward L. Staples

Martha Staples
Chloe A. Staples 05/23/1857 000581/411 Buildings mentioned
Linus B. Staples

Chloe A. Staples
Marcena Daniels 05/23/1857 000581/414 Mortgage Deed
Chloe A. Staples Marcena Daniels 02/19/1880 001073/049 Possession
Sophronia L. Daniels

Inez A. Daniels

Nathan M. Daniels
William H. Baker 09/16/1897 001557/243 Heirs of Marcena Daniels
William H. Baker William Smith 10/04/1897 001557/245
Robert Brown William Smith 01/05/1900 001639/263 No buildings mentioned
William Smith Margaret Kearsley 12/04/1917 002145/427 Both parcels
Margaret Kearsley Elizabeth Miller 05/09/1922 002268/211

Mildred Ploof, Administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Miller Walter H. Newcomb

Gertrude Newcomb
11/15/1941 002838/188
Elizabeth F. Hogarth

Ethel M. Hartshorn
Walter H. Newcomb

Gertrude Newcomb
10/01/1942 002874/102 Elizabeth F. Hogarth and Ethel M. Hartshorn, heirs-in-law and next of kin of William Smith
Walter H. Newcomb Clinton S. Coburn

Gertrude B. Coburn
05/13/1944 002916/364
Clinton S. Coburn

Gertrude B. Coburn
Donald E. Coburn

Ethel J. Coburn
01/30/1982 007414/041
Ethel J. Coburn Douglas E. Coburn

Maureen F. Coburn
11/03/1987 011075/072

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