145 Millville Street

145 Millville Street – c. 1880

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Royal W. Wheelock Robert P. Williams

Harriet E. Williams
05/09/1872 000874/351
Harriet E. Williams Willard Holbrook 05/05/1894 001438/455
Willard Holbrook Almon E. Chase 05/17/1899 001620/029
Almon E. Chase Willard Holbrook 05/17/1899 001620/032 Mortgage Deed
Almon E. Chase Hosea Q. Chase 05/17/1899 001620/035 Mortgage Deed
Almon E. Chase Mary M. Chase 10/22/1900 001664/422 Foreclosure, sold at auction
Mary M. Chase John B. Warner 11/27/1900 001680/543
John B. Warner John S. Hogarth 12/31/1910 001951/415
John S. Hogarth Blanche E. Celley 07/09/1928 002472/124
Blanche E. Celley John S. Hogarth

Elizabeth F. Hogarth
07/09/1928 002472/125
John S. Hogarth Maurice Durocher

Dorothy Durocher
08/04/1961 004214/162

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