145 Hartford Avenue East

145 Hartford Avenue East – c. 1870

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Josiah Penniman Jr. Daniel Thurber 06/05/1800 000142/337
Daniel Thurber Harriet Thurber 01/22/1836 Property set off to Harriet Thurber, widow of Daniel Thurber, as her dower in the estate of the deceased
Lydia Pond

Benjamin Bates

Simon P. Bicknell
Joseph Bates 04/10/1847 000422/598 Heirs of Harriet Thurber (wife of Daniel Thurber)
Adolphus Spring

Harriet Thurber Spring
Joseph Bates 04/13/1847 000422/599 Aldophus Spring, second husband of Harriet Thurber
Nathaniel Thurber

Abel Thurber

Nancy Thurber

Lydia Pond
Joseph Bates 05/01/1847 000422/599 Heirs of Chloe Thurber (sister of Daniel Thurber)
Joseph Bates Henry Bates 06/24/1876 001790/022
Rachel A. Bates Annie A. McBride 06/21/1920 002218/451 Widow of Henry Bates
Gertrude I. Turbidy, Administratrix of the Estate of Annie A. McBride John P. Phillips

Stasia Phillips
06/04/1946 003004/416
John P. Phillips

Stasia Phillips
Louis A. McCann

Jeanne M. McCann
02/03/1970 005010/169

Louis A. McCann

Jeanne M. McCann
Jeanne M. McCann 09/10/1998 020424/140

Elizabeth J. Farwell, Administratrix of the Estate of Jeanne M. McCann William Slavin

Cynthia Slavin
06/11/2001 024203/109

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