118 Uxbridge Road

118 Uxbridge Road – c. 1900

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Charles T. Aldrich Henry W. Gaskill 10/10/1904 001796/525
Henry W. Gaskill William F. Irons 06/10/1924 002347/489
Amy B. Gaskill William F. Irons 11/22/1938 002734/219 Portion of the second parcel, land only
Ina M. Irons

Ernest C. Irons

Mildred H. Ballou

William F. Irons

Lester L. Irons
Henry F. Chandler

11/05/1953 003547/321 Ina, Ernest, Mildred, William and Lester, children of William F. and Lillian M. Irons
Henry F. Chandler Stanley E. Chapin

Marion L. Chapin
04/05/1955 003670/018
Stanley E. Chapin

Marion L. Chapin
Milford Savings Bank 04/05/1955 003670/035 Mortgage
Milford Savings Bank Rudolph J. Ferrucci

Clara M. Ferrucci
07/27/1964 004488/289 Foreclosure
Rudolph J. Ferrucci

Clara M. Ferrucci
Louis S. Diomedes

Ruth M. Diomedes
10/13/1967 004800/316
Ruth M. Diomedes Louis M. Diomedes 09/22/1971 005157/128
Louis S. Diomedes Arthur R. Wright

Maryann Wright
12/14/1973 005409/439

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