112 Millville Street

112 Millville Street – c. 1858

Listed as 114 Millville Street on the Mendon Assessor’s Map

From To Date Book/Page Notes
George Staples Benoni Staples 04/06/1822 00254/074
Hamilton B. Staples

Thomas B. Staples

Sara L. Staples
Frank A. Warner 07/15/1889 001301/609 Hamilton Staples, Administrator of the Estate of Benoni Staples
Frank A. Warner Hamilton B. Staples

Thomas B. Staples

Sara L. Staples
07/15/1889 001301/542 Mortgage Deed; discharged 06/30/1892
Frank A. Warner James T. Warner 08/05/1893 001420/192
James T. Warner Lutheria M. Alger 03/22/1897 001530/618
Lutheria M. Alger Joseph D. Gregory

Jennie M. Gregory
05/09/1898 001576/447 Joseph D. and Jennie M. Gregory, children of Lutheria Alger by her first marriage to Joseph D. Gregory
Lutheria M. Alger

Jennie M. (Gregory) Pitts
Welcome J. Cutler 10/24/1905 Deed not found but mentioned in Mortgage Deed
Welcome J. Cutler Lutheria M. Alger

Jennie M. Pitts
10/24/1905 001818/129 Mortgage Deed
Lutheria M. Alger

Jennie M. Pitts
Herbert A. Alger 08/15/1914 002061/300 Mortgage Deed
Welcome J. Cutler Herbert A. Alger 01/10/1919 002167/086 Foreclosure
Herbert A. Alger Joseph Randor 12/06/1919 002198/300
Joseph Randor Kondrat Temoschuk 01/03/1929 002488/059
Henry E. Alger

Herbert A. Alger

Jennie M. Kenney
Kondrat Temoschuk 02/01/1929 002488/060 Jennie M. Kenney, formerly Jennie M. Pitts, nee Jennie M. Gregory, daughter of Lutheria Alger.

Henry E. and Herbert A. Alger, sons of Willard Alger, second husband of Lutheria Alger.
Bessie Randor Ruth P. Granholm 05/22/1948 003122/547 Title through Will of Kondrat Temoschuk
Ruth P. Granholm Joseph Randor

Bessie M. Randor
05/22/1948 003122/530
Bessie M. Randor Charlene E. Taft 12/17/1991 013879/223

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